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Auto Sales

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Strong Earnings Expected

Commentary: Strong earnings on tap for US and European chemicals
20 July 2017 21:21 Source:ICIS Chemical Business

Heading into second quarter earnings season,

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Interest Rate Dilemma

Interesting article on how low interest rates are keeping people from selling their homes, because replacement homes will have higher mortgage interest rates .

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Housing Starts Improve

Housing Starts, Permits Rebound In June Despite Tumble In HomeBuilder Confidence

by Tyler Durden
Jul 19, 2017 8:40 AM

After a pitiful drop in May,

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Mattress Recycling Down Under

Better bedfellows: how mattress manufacturers are stopping the waste

Social enterprise Soft Landing is joining forces with bed manufacturers in a push to recycle mattress parts and divert it from landfill

Salvaging metal, foam and timber from mattresses diverts thousands of tonnes of waste from landfill annually. Salvaging metal, Read more

History of Polyurethane Surfboards

History Of Surfing: The Great Plastics Race

Wartime chemistry, unsung pioneers and the dawn of surfing’s polyurethane era

June 28,

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