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No Classification for DINP

No classification for DINP, Echa committee decides

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ELD Update

The State of Freight: New ELD Mandate

What’s an ELD? Is it an obscure progressive rock band? A snazzy new type of TV?

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Chinese Pollution Clampdown Affects Chemical Business

Threats, opportunities for Europe chems as China pollution measures falter – UBS
29 January 2018 11:18 Source:ICIS News

LONDON (ICIS)–European chemicals firms could face the impact of a potential long-term shift in environmental policy by the Chinese government in the event of the failure of recent air purity improvement measures,

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EPA Changes

EPA eases path for new chemicals

WASHINGTON — The Environmental Protection Agency is shifting course under the Trump administration on how it assesses new chemicals for health and environmental hazards,

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Travel Changes

I’ve been traveling with a passport and driver’s license for a few years now, just in case . . . Read more