Raw Materials

Everchem Urethanes supplies a wide range of raw materials for the polyurethane industry. Many are listed below. However, we are constantly looking for new ways to satisfy our customers, so if you have raw material you would like us to supply, please let us know. We’ll search the globe for competitive prices!

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Polyether Polyols (Various grades)

PTMEG Polyols (650, 1000, 2000, and 3000 mw)

TDI (TDI 80 Type 1 and 2, TDI 100)

MDI and Derivatives (Various products, ask us!)


Amine and Tin Catalysts and Flame Retardants

Additives (including MOCA, MCDEA, DP-1022)

Various Flush Solvents

Fischer-Tropsch Wax (FT Wax)

Ask us, we specialize in finding hard to source raw materials.