Spray Systems

Everchem Specialty Chemicals has introduced Evertherm, a line of spray foam systems. We currently offer two grades:

Evertherm 50 is a water-blown, two component, open cell, spay polyurethane insulation having a nominal density of 0.5 pcf. Both the A and B components are low viscosity and process at a 1:1 ratio for ease of processing. Evertherm 50 foam is rated Class 1 according to ASTM E-84 at four inches.

Evertherm 200 is a two component, HFC 245fa co- blown, polyurethane spray foam system. The in-place density is 1.8 – 2 lbs/ft3. Low viscosity and 1:1 by volume ratio provide for easy processing. The foam is rated CLASS I according to ASTM E 84 at four inches.