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Free Trade Agreement

China, South Korea FTA to Eliminate Tax of Certain PU Raw Materials
2015-06-03    [Source:PUdaily]


PUdaily, Shanghai-China and South Korea are going to eliminate tax of polyether polyols to zero in 15 years following the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) signed between Beijing and Seoul on Monday which is expected to come into effect by end 2015.

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Job Jumping

Falling Job Tenure: It's Not Just about Millennials

The image of a worker in the 1950s is one of a man (for the most part) who plans on spending his entire career with one employer.

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Foam Supplies Expansion

Foam Supplies expands in anticipation of EPA mandate

Posted on June 4th, 2015


Foam Supplies Inc.

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BMS Town Hall Meeting

Bayer chief hears concerns on change

June 3, 2015 12:00 AM


20150602ppDekkers1BIZ Marijn Dekkers

Pam Panchak/Post-Gazette

Marijn Dekkers

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