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Current year-to-date ( YTD ) data is through June 2020.

Imports: Mattresses and other bedding products

Mattresses and other bedding products,

Consumer Prices

US Consumer Prices Surge As Food & Medical Costs Jump

by Tyler Durden Wed, 08/12/2020 – 08:36

Following yesterday’s hotter-than-expected producer price data (led by a surge in energy costs and day-trading),

Commercial Truck Sales Rise

“More Robust Than Expected”: Promising Preliminary Class 8 Data For July Has Analysts Cautiously Optimistic

by Tyler Durden Tue,

Covid Tally

Gross Domestic Product

Q2 GDP Releases:
The size of the Covid-19 Crater

Allianz SE | Munich | Jul 31,

Olin Update

US Olin to continue idling capacities, Texas closure on track for end 2020

Author: Stefan Baumgarten


HOUSTON (ICIS)–Olin will continue idling plants as it adapts to weakness in demand,

Olin Results

Olin Announces Second Quarter 2020 Results

Wed August 5, 2020 4:15 PM|PR Newswire|About: OLN


Dow Announces MDI Hike

August 5, 2020


Effective August 31, 2020, or as contracts allow, Dow,