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Chemline Update

March 3, 2021

As Chemline continues to gather information on the rapidly changing polyurethane raw material market,

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Time To Get Back To Work

These are the personal thoughts of the blogger and no more . . .

I had the opportunity to have a relatively normal (by car) business trip this week to visit a key supplier.

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BDO & PTMEG Asian Update

Spandex value chain: uptrend hard to change temporarily

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Price change of spandex market around Spring Festival holiday Variety Unit 2021-2-6 2021-3-1 Change Change BDO yuan/mt 15,950 31,000 15,050 94.36% MMDI yuan/mt 21,600 22,500 900 4.17% PTMEG yuan/mt 23,325 30,300 6,975 29.90% Spandex 20D yuan/mt 56,000 74,000 18,000 32.14% Spandex 30D yuan/mt 54,000 70,000 16,000 29.63% Spandex 40D yuan/mt 46,000 61,000 15,000 32.61%

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Foam Fire in Czech Republic

Fire in Chrastava. | Photo: HZS LK
The fire was located at 5:25 p.m. Traffic on the railway line was stopped for several hours due to safety reasons.

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Cargo Theft Overview

2021 Cargo Theft Report Indicates Strong Need for Cargo Security

TT Club, in a conjoined effort with BSI,

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