Chinese Epoxy Update

Epoxy resin is rising by RMB 6,700/ton! The domestic and international market may fall into the “two heavens of ice and fire”? Read more

Bio Butanediol Project

Bio-BDO venture by Cargill and Helm

9 June 2021 – 0 Submitted by Andrew Warmington

Agribusiness giant Cargill and German chemical marketing and distribution firm Helm have formed a joint venture called Qore and will invest $300 million to build the first commercial-scale,

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Huntsman Names CFO

Huntsman Announces Appointment of Phil Lister as CFO

June 04, 2021 4:05pm EDT

Huntsman Announces Appointment of Phil Lister as CFO


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LyondellBasell Hurricane Plans

June 3, 2021
Subject: LyondellBasell 2021 Hurricane Preparedness Plans

Dear Valued Customer:
We are committed to providing a 2021 Hurricane Response Plan that maximizes the safety of our
employees and minimizes the disruption of services and supply to our customers.

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Benzene Update

European and American benzene supply will return to normal in the second half of the year to ease the imbalance between supply and demand

Echemi 2021-06-01

After uncharacteristically tense in the first half of the year,

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Container Ship Costs Spike

“People Are Panicking Now” – Container Ship Charter Rates “Have Gone Out Of Control”

by Tyler DurdenThursday, Jun 03, 2021 –

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Ransomware is Rampant

JBS Shutters All US Meat Plants As Cyber Attack Jeopardizes Food Supply 

by Tyler DurdenTuesday, Jun 01, 2021 – 07:18 PM

Update (2002 ET): The USDA has released an important update about the Biden administration’s steps to mitigate potential supply constraints and price surges following JBS’

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Michael Heinz to Run BASF Corporation

Michael Heinz

Michael Heinz Takes over as Chairman, CEO of BASF Corporation

On Jun 1, 2021

Michael Heinz takes over as chairman and chief executive officer of BASF Corporation,

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Robert Jamieson Back to Work

SK Capital Announces Acquisition of Canlak and Valentus Specialty Chemicals

Provided by Business Wire May 27, 2021 6:30 AM EDT

SK Capital Announces Acquisition of Canlak and Valentus Specialty Chemicals

Businesses will be combined to create leading wood coatings company

Funds advised by SK Capital Partners,

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