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Cilbond Bonding Agents for Rubber and Polyurethane


Cilbond 41, 48, and 49SF are used in urethane applications, including rollers, solid tires, carriage wheels, dunnage, pipe linings and coatings, reinforced screen decks, and any product with an engineering bond between polyurethane elastomers and a metal or plastic substrate.

Cilbond 10E, 24, 12E and 80E, 55E, and 89E are excellent choices for bonding rubber to metal, plastics, fabric, and glass.


Cilbond Bonding Agents are one coat systems designed to chemically bond rubber and polyurethane elastomers during the molding or casting process to a variety of substrates, including metals, plastics, and fabrics.

One particular advantage is the lower pre-bake temperature required for Cilbond products, and the fact that the bake can be done days earlier and the bond is still excellent.

One-Coat Bonding Systems are an Everchem speciality. Our strategy wherever possible is to minimize customer processing times, customer stock levels and costs, without compromising on bonding quality or performance. We offer three grades of Cilbond for use with urethanes. Typically the product required is determined based on the cure temperature of the polyurethane system:

Cilbond 41 (low temperature) 20 – 100 C
Cilbond 48 (intermediate) 30 – 135 C
Cilbond 49SF (higher temperature) 70 – 205 C
For additional bonding with any of the three products, simply add 3 – 10% Cilcure B curing additive.

Cilbond 41 is a single coat bonding system for low-temperature curing castable PU elastomers, foams, RIM and sprayable systems to a variety of substrates including steel, brass, aluminium, acrylic plastics, ABS, GRP, epoxies and concrete.

Cilbond 48 is a fast drying one-coat bonding system capable of bonding both hot and cold cast polyurethane systems to a variety of substrates including metals, polyamides and other engineering thermoplastics.

With exceptional resistance to salt spray and hot and cold water, Cilbond 48 can be used in the manufacture of rollers, wheels, pipe coatings and linings, belts and hose construction, or any application requiring an engineering bond with exceptional environmental resistance.

Cilbond 49SF is the industry standard bonding system for hot-cast high performance PU elastomer systems and TPU’s. Recommended by many PU system houses worldwide, Cilbond 49SF offers unbeatable performance in the toughest environments.

Cilcure B is an additive to increase performance when blended with the Cilbond urethane bonding agents.

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