Everchem Urethanes

Everchem Urethanes offers industry specific expertise for a wide range of urethane raw materials, prepolymers, and systems. We have developed a reputation for providing unique solutions to effectively manage today’s industrial challenges. Our global perspective and breadth of knowledge and experience help us deliver real value to our customers and suppliers.

For the latest industry information on people, prices, companies, and markets, read The Urethane Blog , sponsored by Everchem Specialty Chemicals.

Everchem Urethanes supplies products to the market in four general areas: raw materials, binders, prepolymers, and “Special Offers” – our name for less expensive surplus and distressed urethane raw materials, systems, and prepolymers. The Special Offers page is often updated, and is filled with ways for you to save money for your company. Monitor it regularly. There is a subscription button available for an email anytime a new item is listed.

In addition to these urethane raw materials, Everchem Fuilds offers many items such as solvents, sufactants, and specialties that may also be used in the urethane industry. For more information, click here. We’ve also added epoxy resins, hardeners, and diluents in 2018.

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