Furniture Overview

Eager furniture buyers face long delays because of supply chain issues, shortage of chemical used to make cushion foam

Updated 5:30 AM;

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More Logistics Info

This Could Be The Hottest Summer Ever… For Freight

by Tyler DurdenSunday, Apr 11, 2021 – 03:00 PM

By Zach Strickland of FreightWaves,

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Inflation Pressure

Producer Prices Blow Out

by Wolf Richter • Apr 9, 2021 • 

And companies have been reporting that they’re able to pass on those surging costs.

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Beauchamp Interview

Coping With The COVID -19 Crisis With Brad Beauchamp

Updated: 2 days ago

How have you been coping with COVID-19 that began in earnest during 2020?

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Plixxent Acquisition

Plixxent: Acquisition of British PU systems producer MRi Polytech

On 29 March 2021, Plixxent Holding GmbH announced the acquisition of MRi Polytech,

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Mattress Recycling

Covestro pilots chemicals recycling process to close loop on used mattress foam

Article by Adam Duckett

Around 30m mattresses are discarded in the EU each year

COVESTRO has begun to pilot a chemical process to recycle the foam from used mattresses.

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Q1 Chemical M&A

Chemical Deal Results

SellerBuyerBusinessDateAmyrisDSMflavor and fragrance biobased intermediates business-$150v + earnout1st Quarter 2021Bison Innovative ProductsRPMraised flooring systems – Read more

HSM Expands Mattress Production

HSM doubling mattress production capacity

  • From staff reports
  • Apr 4, 2021

HS Manufacturing has expanded its mattress manufacturing facility in Hickory to double the company’s capacity and streamline the construction process.

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Covestro Completes Acquisition

01 April 2021

Covestro successfully completes acquisition of Resins & Functional Materials business from DSM

Significant step towards implementing the company’s long-term strategy

  • Covestro to become one of the leading global suppliers for sustainable coating resins
  • Acquisition adds around EUR 1 billion in revenues
  • Consequent implementation of sustainable growth strategy

On April 1, 2021,

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