Butanediol Podcast

PODCAST: US BDO struggles amid myriad supply constraints

Author: Antoinette Smith


HOUSTON (ICIS)—Although US butanediol (BDO) plants in Louisiana and Ohio were not mechanically affected by the winter storm that idled most chemical production in the US Gulf,

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Recticel Results and Forecast

Recticel Annual Results 2020 – Solid 2nd half 2020 and Strategic Repositioning

Regulated information, Brussels, 26/02/2021 — 06:55 CET,

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Restart Updates

Petrochemical restart efforts continue post-freeze

Houston — US Gulf Coast petrochemical producers were working to restart facilities that shut when a deep freeze hit the region the week of Feb.

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Air Travel

Why Economic Takeoff Depends on Air Travel

Getting travelers back in the skies will likely accelerate economic recovery on the ground—but COVID-19 vaccines will need to dispatch passenger fears as effectively as the virus.

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BASF Results

BASF proposes stable dividend despite pandemic, sees support from organic growth

Author: Nigel Davis


LONDON (ICIS)–BASF management on Friday said a €3.30/share dividend would be proposed to the annual meeting as the company generated what it called a solid cash flow in 2020 despite the pandemic.

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Durable Goods Surge

US Durable Goods Orders Surge In January To Pre-COVID Highs

by Tyler DurdenThursday, Feb 25, 2021 – 8:37

Having slowed for 3 straight months,

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