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Back Integrate from Urethane Systems to Raw Materials

Tired of paying high urethane systems prices? Interested in developing your own formulation and back integrating, but don’t know where to start?

Many large polyurethane systems consumers ask themselves these questions. Everchem has put together a program to help these customers become self-sufficient. We call it the Everchem Back Integration Program. It is a way to develop your own proprietary urethane formulation and begin manufacturing without the upfront capital. We utilize our network of custom urethane manufacturers to produce your system until you are ready to build your own facility.

Benefits of the Everchem Back Integration Program (EBIP)

  • Own the urethane formulation and have greater ability to tweak it in the future.
  • Purchase raw materials rather than systems for cost savings.
  • Flexible manufacturing-continue at the toll location or build your own facility.
  • No need to hire a chemist to begin the process-let us develop your formulation instead.
  • More control over your product line and your profits!


Our technical staff will work with the customer to develop a proprietary formulation that they will own. We’ve partnered with a toll manufacturer to scale up the formulation to commercial quantities.

The customer can continue to produce at the toll location, or eventually build their own facility. They will own the formulation and purchase raw materials rather than systems components.

This allows the customer to back integrate without the upfront cost of hiring a chemist and building a plant before developing the replacement system.

Contact us if you have a project that fits this description!

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