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Bismuth is a proven, fast gel catalyst for many coatings, adhesives, sealants, and elastomer urethane applications. The use of Zinc crosslinks and helps with the cure on the back end.

BiCATs 8106, 8210, 8840, and 8842 are used extensively in spray foams, particularly in conjunction with the new HFO (Hydrofluoro-Olefin) Solstice from Honeywell. BiCAT’s 8840 and 8842 are patented molecules designed to be hydrolytically stable.

These products compare to Umicore’s Valikat Bi line, King’s K-Kat products, Reaxis’ bismuth line, Vertellus’ Coscat products, Dura Chemicals’ Duroct Bismuth line, and Borchers Kat 320.

BiCAT catalysts are produced by Shepherd Chemical in Cincinnati, OH. Everchem is the exclusive distributor of these products in North America. For more information, samples, and pricing, please fill out the contact form below. An Everchem salesperson will get in touch with you promptly. SDS and TDS information are available on the Urethane Raw Materials Product Page.

NameMetal ContentLigand (Carboxylate)
BiCAT 8Bismuth 8% & Zinc 8%Neodecanoic Acid
BiCAT 8106Bismuth 20% & Low Free AcidNeodecanoic Acid
BiCAT 8108Bismuth 20%Neodecanoic Acid
BiCAT 8118Bismuth 16%Neodecanoic Acid
BiCAT 8210Bismuth 28% Octoate2-Ethylhexanoic Acid

Bismuth 8.2% Octoate

Zinc 22% Octoate
Zinc 19%Neodecanoic Acid

2-Ethylhexanoic Acid

2-Ethylhexanoic Acid
BiCAT 8840Bismuth 10%Hydroxyl Propyl Ethylene Diamine
BiCAT 8842Bismuth 10%Hydroxyl Ethyl Ethylene Diamine

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