Everchem Specialty Chemicals is a sales, marketing and technology driven company that operates in the North American marketplace, promoting urethane commodity, and specialty industrial chemicals. Our sourcing abilities and technical and market expertise result in real savings of both time and money for customers. Our market expertise helps our suppliers reach additional customers and markets in an easy and efficient way. And now we are introducing the same service for customers buying epoxy resins, hardeners, and diluents.  The list includes many of the items we offer, but if your item is not on the list contact us and we’ll source it for you.  Everchem also offers epoxy line flush products like DPHP and other plasticizers.

SDS and TDS information

To stay up to date on the latest epoxy market information, read the Epoxy Blog Here: https://everchem.com/category/epoxy/
Bessern Building Products offers formulated epoxy coatings: http://www.bessern.com

OffsetsLER (liquid epoxy resin), EPON 828, DEN 331, Bis A resins,Epon 862, Epalloy, Epotec, Bis F resins,Novalac resins, DEN 438,Multifunctional Epoxy resins, glycidal amine,Cycloaliphatic and hydrogenated epoxy,SER (solid epoxy resin)
HardenersPolyamidoamine, Cycloaliphatic Amine, Polyamine adducts, Polyamid, Polyetheramine, Tertiary Amine, Araldite, Epikure, Polypox, Jeffamine, Versamid offsets
DiluentsBenzyl Alcohol and Nonyl Phenol
Reactive DiluentsEpoxide 8, C12-C14 Aliphatic Glycidyl Ether, BGE, CGE, Cresyl Glycidyl Ether, Butanediol, Di-glycidyl Ether, Cyclohexane-dimethanol, Polypropylene glycol, Trimethylolpropane, Triclycidyl Ether, Castor Oil Triglycidyl Ether, Heloxy, Erisys, ChemMod, Epodil offsets

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For more information about Epoxy Resins, Hardeners, and Diluents, or to find out how Everchem can help you aquire other chemicals, call us at 484-234-5030, or click the button below to send us a request.

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