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Ortho Cresol2-Methyl Phenol>99% & >99.9% Available
2,6-Xylenol2,6-Dimethyl Phenol>99%
The Cresols are stocked in Springfield, MA, packaged in new steel drums & are available in bulk.


Synthetic Intermediates & precursors used in the production of Plastics, Epoxy, Pesticides, Pharmaceuticals & Dyes as well as Textiles & Leather Industry, Foundry and Metal Finishing.

Additional application include: Fuel Additive, Lub Oil Additive, Disinfectant, Concrete Additive, Magnet Wire Coating, Automotive Paint, Paint, Dyes, Ink, Paint Strippers, Polyurethane Sealant, Adhesives, PSA, Paper Manufacturing, Ore Flotation, Herbicides, Phenol Formaldehyde Resin, Cresylic Novalac Resin, Ortho Cresol Novolac (OCN), Epoxy Cresol Novolacs, Phenolic Novolac Resin, Phenolic Thermosetting Resin, Microchip Encapsulation and Fragrance.


  • Cresylic Acid (methyl-phenol) cas # 1319-77-3 (Tricresol)
  • o-Cresol (2-methyl-phenol) cas # 95-48-7 (Ortho Cresol)
  • m-Cresol (3-methyl-phenol) cas # 108-39-4 (Meta Cresol)
  • p-Cresol (4-methyl-phenol) cas # 106-44-5 (Para Cresol)
  • 2,6-Xylenol (2,6-dimethyl-phenol) cas # 576-26-1
  • Mesitol (2,4,6-trimethyl-phenol) cas # 527-60-6
  • m,p-Cresol cas # 15831-10-4 (Meta & Para Cresol)
  • Cresol Molecular Formula: C7H8O
  • Manufactured by Sabic and made in the USA
  • Alkyphenols – Hydroxytoluene – Coal Tar – Cresol – Phenol
  • Merisol, Sasol Phenolics, Rutgers, Lanxess, Sabic

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