A micronized hydrogenated castor oil (aka Micronized Castor Wax) used as a rheology modifier designed for low polarity aliphatic systems. It imparts a high degree of thixotropic thickening to many applications. With proper use, it has outstanding anti-settle properties, providing good efficiency for thixotropic viscosity build, sag resistance, and pigment suspension. The processing temperature range in an aliphatic solvent system is 43-54°C (110-130°F).

Properties Specifications

AppearanceWhite Powder
Melting Point°C85-88
Acid Valuemg KOH/gm
3.0 Max
Hydroxyl Valuemg KOH/gm155 Min
Iodine Valuegml2/100gm3.0 Max
Saponification Valuemg KOH/gm177-185
ColorGardner3G Max
Material Pass in 325 Mesh99%
Material Pass in 44 Micron99%

Key Rheological Properties

  • Thickening agent that imparts shear thinning properties
  • Reduces Settling of Pigments to Extenders
  • Produces Optimum Flow
  • Enhances Leveling
  • Improves Compatibility

Offset to

  • Crayvallac ® Antisettle CVP
  • Elementis Thixcin ® R
  • BYK Rheotix
  • BYK Rheocin


  • Construction Applications
  • Epoxy Tile Adhesives
  • Epoxy Grouts
  • Bituminous Systems
  • Asphalt Systems
  • Sealants and Adhesives
  • Roofing/Roof Coatings
  • Cosmetic Applications
  • Rheology Modifier Solvent Borne Systems

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