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Everchem polyetheramines are highly versatile products that contain primary amino groups attached to the end of a polyether backbone normally based on propylene oxide (PO), ethylene oxide (EO) or a mixture of both oxides. These products are normally used to improve flexibility and toughness. They are comparatively low in viscosity and in color. Everchem polyetheramines are key raw materials in making polyurea, epoxy and pigmented formulations. Products include Everchem D-230, D-400, D-2000, T-403, T-5000.


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Epoxy curing agents
Coatings, primers, topcoat, decorative
Castings, encapsulation


Jeffamine D-230, D-400, D-2000, T-403, T-5000
Poly-A 27-2000 (D-2000), 37-5000 (T-5000)


Everchem D-230:

  • Provides tough, clear, blush free, impact resistant epoxy coatings, casting and adhesives.
  • Reacts with carbolylic acids to form hot melt adhesives.
  • High reactivity with isocyanates.

Everchem D-400:

  • Used in polyurethanes, polyurea and thermoplastic polyamide adhesives.

Everchem D-2000:

  • Used in polyurea spray.
  • Co-reactant in epoxy formulations to increase flexibility and toughness.
  • Increase peel strength in adhesives.

Everchem T-403:

  • Primarily used as an epoxy curing agent, but can reduce sagging in polyurethanes.
  • Reactivity is moderate for epoxy curing.
  • Low viscosity, color and vapor pressure.
  • Improves flexibility and strength.
  • Miscible in many solvents, including water.

Everchem T-5000

  • Used as a crosslinker for polyurea and a co-reactant in epoxy systems to promote adhesion and flexibility.
  • Low color.
  • Improves toughness.
  • Improves peel strength in epoxy adhesives.

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