Through our partnership with a leading North American Systems House, Everchem has developed two high performance Spa Systems.We have available two component polyurethane systems (0.5 and 2 pcf) designed for Spa Foam Insulation applications. These systems are formulated to provide low viscosity for ease of mixing, good adhesion and uniform cell structure for superior R-value. The data sheets are available here.

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Everchem Specialty Chemicals is a technology driven company supplying the North American market with urethane, epoxy and specialty industrial chemicals since 2002. Our sourcing abilities, coupled with our technical and market expertise result in real savings of both time and money for our customers. Primary products that we supply include the following:

Urethane Raw Materials: Polyols (PPG’s, PTMEG, and Polyetheramines), Isocyanates (TDI and MDI), BDO, TCPP, Castor Oil, Plasticizers, Nonylphenol Ethoxylate, Curatives and Catalysts

Urethane Prepolymers and Systems: PU Castings, MDI/TDI Prepolymers, Spa Systems

Epoxy Raw Materials: Resins, Diluents, Curing Agents

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