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Urethane Catalysts

EVERCAT urethane catalysts are chemical compounds that are added to polyurethane formulations to speed up the reaction between the polyol and isocyanate components. The catalysts are typically organic compounds that function by promoting the reaction between the two components and by controlling the rate of the reaction.

There are various types of urethane catalysts, including tertiary amines, such as triethylenediamine (Evercat TEDA) and benzyldimethylamine (Evercat BDMA), organometallic compounds such as dibutyltindilaurate (Evercat T12), and other compounds like bismuth compounds and amine salts (BiCAT line).

The selection of a specific catalyst depends on the specific polyurethane formulation and the desired properties of the final product. Some catalysts are more effective at promoting specific reactions or at achieving certain physical properties, such as faster curing times or improved mechanical strength.

BiCAT catalysts are produced by Shepherd Chemical in Cincinnati, OH. Everchem is the exclusive distributor of these products in North America. For more information, samples, and pricing, please fill out the contact form below. An Everchem salesperson will get in touch with you promptly. SDS and TDS information are available on the Urethane Raw Materials Product Page.

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