Special Offers

Everchem Specialty Chemicals also offers special discounted products. These products are typically one time situations—surplus inventory, slightly wide-spec production, accidental blends, or out of date chemicals.

This list contains what is currently available. In addition, contact Everchem if we can help you with these types of products in your shop.

Dark Liquid Epoxy Resin

  • Amount Available: 45,000 lbs
  • Reason Available: Dark
  • Package Type: Totes
  • Contact Person: Walt Bustynowicz
  • Phone Number: 484-234-5030
  • Offer Types: Urethanes

Surplus Sucrose Amine Rigid Polyol

  • Amount Available: 200,000 lbs
  • Reason Available: Surplus
  • Package Type: Bulk
  • Contact Person: Bob Daniele
  • Phone Number: 484-234-5030
  • Offer Types: Urethanes