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Qingdao Restrictions

Temporary restrictions on Dangerous Goods shipments through QINGDAO, CN begin today, May 20.

Increased security and disruptions to ocean freight expected through the end of June.

The Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Summit is being held in Qingdao this month and will impact port and shipping operations beginning on May 20th through the end of June. Temporary restrictions and increased security will be in effect during this period, and we may see delays and service disruptions as a result.


  • From May 20, 2018 – June 20, 2018: Re-handling, re-stowing or re-shifting of ALL dangerous goods (DG) will be suspended.
  • From June 6, 2018 to June 11, 2018: Discharge, loading, and transit of ALL dangerous goods (DG) will be suspended.
  • From June 62018 to June 11, 2018: Only DG classified under International Maritime Organization (IMO) DG Class 8 and 9 will be allowed in-transit.
    • Discharging and loading of DG Class 8 and 9 during this time is prohibited.
    • The port will not accept any DG cargo until the close of the summit.
DG operations will resume in July after the event is finished. From then on, shippers may resume normal procedures for transporting IMDG Classes 8 & 9 DG cargoes.

Reminder:  In August 2017, the port of Qingdao issued a DG rule prohibiting International Maritime Organization (IMO) DG classes 1 to 7 from loading, discharge, and transshipment.  All dangerous goods, except class 1 and 7, are permitted for transit in Qingdao (CNTAO), except during temporary restriction events.

Special Safety Inspections & Restrictions on Vessels Entering Qingdao Waters

China’s Maritime Safety Administration (MSA) has announced it is bringing in Special Safety Inspections for ships entering or intending to enter the Qingdao Water areas for navigation, berthing and operations from April 20, 2018 to mid-June 2018.

Vessels entering Qingdao waters during this time must submit a “special information report” to the MSA 48 hours prior to arrival.

During this period, the berthing of vessels will be limited to daytime hours. LNG/LPG and Oil carriers may not be permitted to berth or sail.  Qingdao Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) will strengthen the control of traffic flow, and Customs officials may also board vessels for inspection, in addition to special safety inspections.

Due to these heightened security measures, we may see some delayed entries into the port and potential Customs clearance delays.

UWL is watching the situation closely and will work to mitigate any shipment disruptions for our customers. We thank you for your business and continued support.

If you think your shipments may be affected by the above restrictions, have any questions related to this announcement or need assistance with transportation, logistics, supply chain management or sourcing, please contact us.  

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