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PFA Adds Molded Division


Polyurethane Foam Association Forms Division
To Focus On Molded Flexible Polyurethane Foam Issues


Will Advocate For Molded Foam Manufacturers On Diverse Subjects Including Isocyanates, Combustibility, Regulatory Proposals


LOUDON, TN (July 12, 2016)—At its recent meeting in St. Petersburg, FL, The Polyurethane Foam Association (PFA) voted to create a new division to address specific needs for molded flexible polyurethane foam manufacturers and their suppliers.

The new Molded Foam Division was started based on requests from PFA members and other molded foam producers who want PFA to take a proactive role in helping advocate issues affecting the industry.

For years, PFA has actively and aggressively advocated for flexible polyurethane foam manufacturers on issues including combustibility, flame retardants, environmental regulations, and workplace safety. However, there are some significant manufacturing differences between slabstock and molded foams. With the new division, PFA will focus on application-specific support, when necessary.

“The new division will benefit both molded and slabstock producers by allowing us to communicate more precisely,” said Bill Gollnitz, PFA President. “And we’ll be able to draw upon technical expertise from new PFA members that are foam molding specialists.”

Robert Luedeka, Executive Director of PFA, said, “As we add more foam molding companies to our roster, we will have more resources to handle the challenges our industry faces.”

Luedeka said that in just the last few months, PFA has been involved with:

New regulations affecting the use of isocyanates (a key component in flexible polyurethane foam) in regard to workplace safety

Issues on recycling flexible polyurethane foam

  • Reclassification of chemicals that could affect manufacturing use or increase costs
  • Product labeling


“We have no shortage of challenges,” he said. “And we know that by working together, our positions have more impact than companies going it alone.”

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