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 Chemical Deal Results

Seller Buyer Business Date
Pharmacore Cambrex pharmaceutical chemicals – $15-17s/$25v 3rd Quarter 2016
Mayes County Petroleum Products Brenntag lubricants and fuels distribution – $37s/$16v 3rd Quarter 2016
PureCO2 Praxair CO2 purification and liquifaction plant in Utah 3rd Quarter 2016
Chemtura Lanxess acquisition or whole company (flame retardants, lubricant additives, organometallics and urethanes) – $1,500s/$2,700v 3rd Quarter 2016
Monsanto Bayer acquisition of whole company (seeds and traits, herbicides) $15,000s/66,000v 3rd Quarter 2016
Moulds Plus International Chem-Trend (Freudenberg Chemical Specialties) Ultra Purge-brand purging compounds 3rd Quarter 2016
Sabic Laird Plastics (Blackfriars) Polymershapes distribution business 3rd Quarter 2016
Elevance World Energy biodiesel plant in MS 3rd Quarter 2016
TPC Group SI Group Baytown plant (nonene, tetramer and other propylene derivatives) 3rd Quarter 2016
Huron Technologies Chem-Trend (Freudenberg Chemical Specialties) polyurethane and rubber release agents, silicone concentrates and PU shoe sole release agents 3rd Quarter 2016
Seller Buyer Business Date
Invista Radici Engineering Polymer Solutions (nylon resins) 3rd Quarter 2016
Specialty Polymer Coatings RPM coatings for the oil and gas pipeline market – $26s 3rd Quarter 2016
Arsenal Capital Clariant Kel-Tech (oil-field chemicals) – $200s combined with X-Chem 3rd Quarter 2016
NCH Corporation Clariant X-Chem (oil-field chemicals) – $200s combined with Kel-Tech 3rd Quarter 2016
PotashCorp/Agrium Agrium/PotashCorp merger of crop nutrient companies – $20,600s combined 3rd Quarter 2016
Vertellus (Wind Point Partners) Black Diamond Capital and BlackRock acquisition of whole company (pyridine and picolines; intermediates for crop protection chemicals, biocides and pharmaceuticals; vitamin B3) by lenders – $596s/$454v 3rd Quarter 2016
International Polymers Corp. Ravago polypropylene compounding 3rd Quarter 2016
Industrial Resin Recycling Ravago recycling and toll compounding 3rd Quarter 2016
Metabolix CJ CheilJedang Corp. bioplastics – $10v 3rd Quarter 2016
AEP Industries Berry Plastics acquisition of whole company (flexible films) – $1,100s/$765v 3rd Quarter 2016
Seller Buyer Business Date
Lord Groupe Socomore aerospace coatings 3rd Quarter 2016
Virent Tesoro renewable fuels and chemicals from plant-based materials 3rd Quarter 2016
FRC Industries Sika synthetic polypropylene and concrete fibers 3rd Quarter 2016
BASF IGM Resins (Arsenal Capital) photoinitiators (except for electronics industry) 3rd Quarter 2016
Kainos Capital Lonza Interhealth Nutraceuticals (nutritional ingredients) – $300v 3rd Quarter 2016
Paint Over Rust Products Valentus Specialty Chemicals Absolute Coatings (wood floor finishes) 3rd Quarter 2016
Imatosgil Group DAK Americas (Alpek SAB de CV) Selenis Canada (PET) 3rd Quarter 2016
Florock Polymer Flooring Tennant Coatings floor coatings systems 3rd Quarter 2016
Den Braven Arkema sealants and insulation materials – $385s/$530v 3rd Quarter 2016
Johnson & Johnson SK Capital Noramco and Tasmanian Alkaloids (opiates manufacturing and raw materials) – $800v 3rd Quarter 2016

Seller Buyer Business Date
Bayer Jacobs Engineering sulphuric acid technology 3rd Quarter 2016
SK Capital Ineos Calabrian Corporation (liquid sulfur dioxide and SO2 derivatives) 3rd Quarter 2016
PPG Vitro SAB de CV flat glass manufacturing and glass coatings – $750v 3rd Quarter 2016
BASF Universal Display Corp OLED technology – $96v 3rd Quarter 2016
United Paint & Chemical Axalta global interior automotive rigid thermoplastics coatings 3rd Quarter 2016
Gordon Holdings PolyOne Gordon Composites (profiles and laminates) and Polystrand (reinforced plastic composites) – $40s 3rd Quarter 2016
New Birmingham Inc. US Silica Holdings NBR Sand (frac sand) – $210v 3rd Quarter 2016
Dura Coat Products Axalta coatings for metal coil and related markets 3rd Quarter 2016
Liquid Minerals Group Pilot Chemical oil-soluble organometallic fuel additives 3rd Quarter 2016
Applied Polymerics & Marketing Associates RPM concrete repair compounds, protective coatings, preservation products and other products for bridge and road maintenance – $14s 3rd Quarter 2016
Seller Buyer Business Date
CASS Polymers (Shoreview Industries) Royal Adhesives & Sealants Bacon Adhesives 3rd Quarter 2016
Hoover Color Cathay Industries pigments 3rd Quarter 2016