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Accella Tire Fill Systems, the Industry’s Leading Flatproofing Solution, Helps Reforest Wildfire Zones in Partnership with American Forests

6a00e553931c4c883301bb07fbec9e970d-800wiAccella, along with its TyrFil® customers, have planted more than 125,000 trees through its “One Tote, One Tree” program, including helping to reforest the Oregon “Pole Creek Fire” area

ST. LOUIS, Aug. 30, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Accella Tire Fill Systems (, a division of Accella Performance Materials, has teamed up with its customers and dealers to plant nearly 120,000 new trees in partnership with American Forests, the nation’s oldest non-profit conservation organization.  To replant forests destroyed by natural disasters, Accella (which manufactures eco-friendly polyurethane fill for pneumatic tires) and its OEMs, aftermarket dealers, and distributors around the world are planting one new tree for every tote of its tire fill product purchased.  The initiative is part of the company’s industry-leading “One Tote, One Tree” green campaign (

A record-breaking 10 million acres of land burned across the U.S. in 2015 alone, according to the National Interagency Fire Center.  This year’s 2016 fire season, which began in May, has already claimed five times more acres lost to fire damage, in comparison to last year, as reported by U.S. Department of Agriculture.  Wildfires are absolutely detrimental to our natural resources, and with each acre burned, come the loss of untold numbers of trees that are essential to our planet’s health.

Recently, Accella’s contributions provided 2,000 new trees to the Pole Creek Fire Reforestation project in Oregon, undertaken by American Forests this past year.  A major fire in the fall of 2012, together with other recent large fires, burned more than 165,000 acres in the beautiful, resource-rich area of the Deschutes National Forest, outside the town of Sisters in central Oregon.  Reforestation within the Pole Creek Fire zone will accelerate the development of mature forest to meet a broad range of habitat requirements for wildlife, help control erosion, and provide other important ecosystem services.

“Accella Tire Fill System’s generous and ongoing partnership with American Forests exemplifies how responsible businesses across the United States—and the world—have supported our work for more than 140 years,” said Lea Sloan, VP of Communications, American Forests.  “Our mission to restore threatened forest ecosystems and inspire people to place greater value on the role of trees in our world is greatly amplified by campaigns like `One Tote, One Tree.’  Accella has also helped us to raise awareness in the corporate world regarding the need to ‘give back’ to our environment by promoting essential reforestation.”

As the industry’s market leader in tire fill solutions, Accella Tire Fill Systems seeks to improve sustainability across the global industrial tire marketplace.  For more than 45 years, Accella has focused on developing eco-friendly tire flatproofing alternatives (for industrial, construction and mining vehicles and other Off-the-Road equipment) that increase comfort, performance and safety, defray operator costs and protect the environment. The company’s patented TyrFil® line of polyurethane liquid products, which may be pumped into any pneumatic tire to replace air with a resilient, synthetic rubber core, ensures both robust tire performance and less solid tire waste goes into our landfills.

Choosing tire fill also enables operators to retread existing tires to prolong their lifecycle – something not possible with solid aperture tires.  Accella’s tire productivity equipment is additionally designed to allow end-users to grind up old polyurethane tire filled tires for repurposing – enabling TyrFil product to be easily recycled for extended usability, another environmentally preferred option that is not possible with solid rubber tires.

“Since our inception in 1971, the Accella Tire Fill Systems heritage has been to develop alternative tire solutions that are more efficient for operators and also easier on the environment,” explains Joe Negrey, Vice President of Accella Tire Fill Systems. “We proudly work in concert with our global network of distributors, OEMs and aftermarket dealers to help make the ‘One Tote, One Tree‘ campaign a resounding success when it comes to supporting critical fire zones like Oregon’s Pole Creek region. “These and other similar projects are a shining example of how businesses can partner together for the good of our Planet to create more sustainable solutions and replenish our precious natural resources, added Andy Harris President and CEO of Accella Performance Materials.