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Accella Changes Product Line Names

Accella Tire Fill Systems Announces Simplified Name Changes to its 6a00e553931c4c883301bb07fbec9e970d-800wi

Legacy Line of TyrFil® Polyurethane Formulations


  1. LOUIS , November 16, 2016—Accella Tire Fill Systems ( announced today that its TyrFil® branded line of polyurethane tire fill formulations will begin transitioning to a simpler unified naming convention beginning December 1, 2016. The conversion will be completed by early next year. Under the new nomenclature, Accella Tire Fill Systems, formerly ArncoPathway, will continue to offer its same market-leading, high-performing polyurethane tire fill products that are the hallmark of the brand under a simpler product family approach.

Accella’s patented TyrFil® flatproofing solution has been the “foam fill” industry gold standard for nearly 50 years.  Polyurethane tire fill can be easily pumped into any pneumatic tire to replace air with a resilient, synthetic elastomer core that will eliminate flat tires. TyrFil® is the optimal choice, offering the smoothest flatproofed ride and vastly reducing equipment wear, tear and denigration – especially in comparison with solid apertures tires – for the construction, mining, material handling, waste management, military and equipment rental industries.

Accella distributes TyrFil® through its worldwide network of OEMs, aftermarket dealers and distributors and offers the product line in a variety of formulations designed for specific durometer requirements and applications.  By January 1, 2017, the new TyrFil® product family  names will be as follows:

TyrFil Flex (formerly TyrFil LD & SuperFlex) – With a durometer of 10, this formula has the lowest durometer for maximum deflection and an air-like ride.

TyrFil Utility (formerly TyrFil XL) – With a durometer of 20, this formula offers a soft ride and ample deflection in more demanding applications.

TyrFil Pro (formerly RePneu OEM & TyrFil G2) – With a durometer of 30, this formula is a general-purpose material used in 90% of tire fill applications.

TyrFil Premium (formerly RePneu II) – With a durometer of 30, this formula offers greater heat resistance for longer runs and optimum performance.

TyrFil Ultra (formerly RePneu & TyrFil MG) – With a durometer of 30, this formula delivers the highest heat dissipation properties for extreme applications.

TyrFil HeviDuty (formerly Hevi Duty & TyrFil HD) – With a durometer of 55, this formula provides minimal tire deflection for extreme load at slow speeds.


The simplified product family consolidation provides customers with the option and flexibility to purchase all of Accella Tire Fill Systems’ tire productivity technologies from any of its manufacturing facilities:  TyrFil®, TLC, ReSeal, and Carefree Tire.  The only significant change that the aftermarket dealer and OEM marketplace will see is updated product information on labels, invoice line items, safety datasheets, and technical datasheets.

“We’re pleased to unveil our new TyrFil® product families to reflect what the entire industry has always known about our formulations: `It’s what’s inside that counts’,” said Joe Negrey, Vice President of Accella Tire Fill Systems.  “TyrFil® can be counted on to continue to provide the same trusted product quality and consistently high level of customer service that has been the absolute bedrock of our business for more than four decades.  Our foam fill offerings not only eliminate flat tires and offer the smoothest flatproofed ride in the industry, but they deliver a sustainable, eco-friendly alternative that will help our dealer-customer network to reduce carbon footprint, while reaping cost savings and other performance benefits.”