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Accella Polyurethane Systems Announces Investment in Spray-on

Truck Bed Liner Manufacturer, Bullet Liner™


Company Further Solidifies Pre-eminence in Polyurethane Space – Extending Industrial Product

Expertise to Include Offering for the Consumer Transportation Market

ST. LOUIS, MO – July 13, 2016 – Accella Polyurethane Systems (Accella), a leading

manufacturer of polyurethane systems, has formally announced a comprehensive investment

strategy based on the Bullet Liner™ brand, a leading manufacturer of polyurethane spray-on

coating for the transportation industry. Bullet Liner utilizes advanced chemistry and seasoned

ingenuity to deliver the highest level of scratch, scuff, color fastness, and puncture resistance for

truck bed liners, ATV and jeep exteriors, fenders, tailgates, wheel wells, and other applications.

Available also for boats and commercial truck use, Bullet Liner’s spray-on liner forms a sealed

finish that provides robust protection against even the most rugged abrasion and extreme

environmental conditions.

Accella acquired the Bullet Liner product line as part of the recent acquisition of Burtin Polymer

Laboratories, who pioneered spray-on bed liners over 23 years ago with the first best in class

spray-on technology with unique color fast capability. Accella is investing further to advance this

technology leadership; now a 4 th generation coating system and will include further coating

innovation, branding partnerships, doubling the number of installer’s nationwide as well as

advanced demand and lead generation tools to support the installer network.

“Accella is making targeted investments in a series of polyurethane markets where we are the

best choice for the customer, and our recent decision to support the Bullet Liner brand is an

example of that strategy. Polyurea spray-on technology is the industry gold-standard for

protecting truck beds and other heavy duty parts,” said Andy Harris, President and CEO of

Accella Performance Materials, “and Accella is a leader in polyurethane coating research,

development and manufacturing. For this reason, we believe that Accella’s pioneering role in

the advancement of custom-formulated polyurethane systems is truly the ‘perfect match’ to build

on Bullet Liner’s existing heritage of spray and sealant innovation. We’re thrilled to accelerate

our investment in Bullet Liner brands and products.”

“Truck, boat, ATV and jeep owners love their vehicles,” added H.D. “Scooter” DeLaune, Vice

President Spray Elastomers, and Accella Polyurethane Systems. “They take strong pride of

ownership and look to invest only in the best after-market product solutions. Bullet Liner dealers

know that their reputation is on the line when they recommend our bed liner solution. With one

of the world’s leading polyurethane technology developers behind our spray-on offering, the

marketplace can trust that they are getting only the best ROI, as well as the sleek aesthetics

that have become the hallmark of the Bullet Liner brand.”

The “Bullet Liner brand has carved out a leadership role in the industry and is offering the most

trusted bed liner protection solutions on the market, a complete system package to help dealers

get started and the leading dealer marketing and demand generation tools in the industry,”

added Al Restaino, Vice President of Marketing Accella Performance Materials.”

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