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Air Products Introduces Catalyst

Air Products introduces Polycat™ 204 catalyst for rigid polyurethane foams

Air Products has introduced the new Polycat™ 204 catalyst to its product portfolio for use in rigid polyurethane foams. Polycat 204 is a non-emissive catalyst specifically designed to help polyurethane foam producers maximise their foam performance and achieve up to six to eight months of system stability when incorporating ‘Next Generation’ Hydrofluoroolefin (HFO) Blowing Agents, such as Honeywell's Solstice LBA (HFO-1233zd(E)).

These new HFO Blowing Agents are being used and commercially adopted in response to increasing global regulation and, ultimately, the phase-out of Hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) Blowing Agents. HFO Blowing Agents have significantly reduced global warming potential (GWP) relative to HFC Blowing Agents and are typically used in polyurethane foam applications that require high insulation properties, such as spray foam insulation, refrigerator/freezer insulation, and panel insulation for building structures.

"Increasing environmental regulation of HFCs and the need to reduce building emissions while maintaining shelf stability in applications like spray foam can present a real challenge to the polyurethane foam industry. Relative to conventional amine catalysts, Polycat 204 catalyst provides significantly more shelf stability in rigid foam systems containing Solstice LBA. This innovative product is helping the industry adopt HFO blowing agents with reduced GWP footprint, while also reducing volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions," said Steve Hulme, Vice President and General Manager, Polyurethane Additives, for Air Products.

"The Polycat 204 catalyst is a tool that can significantly increase the shelf stability of Solstice LBA based spray foam systems. This helps our customers achieve the product reliability they demand, while gaining the environmental and performance benefits of using Solstice LBA," said Laura Reinhard, Global Spray Foam Business Manager for Honeywell. Solstice LBA has an ultra-low GWP of one, which is 99.9% lower than traditional blowing agents and equal to carbon dioxide. It is non-ozone-depleting, nonflammable and is VOC-exempt per the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). It has received approval under the EPA's Significant New Alternatives Policy (SNAP) Program, the European Union's Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation & restriction of Chemicals (REACH) program and other chemical registration requirements globally.