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BASF Uses New Blowing Agent in Spray Foam

BASF SPRAYTITE® and DuPont™ Formacel® 1100 spray foam insulation proven successful in first ever in-field residential application

Offers homeowners energy efficiency while reducing environmental footprint

WILMINGTON, DEL., COLUMBUS, OHIO and FLORHAM PARK, N.J., June 10, 2015 –   BASF SPRAYTITE®  and  DuPont™ Formacel® 1100  foam expansion agent have successfully been applied in the first ever in-field spray foam application in a residential home.  Working together, the products offer homeowners excellent thermal insulation performance while reducing energy consumption, environmental footprint and greenhouse gas emissions.

BASF SPRAYTITE foam insulation is a closed-cell spray polyurethane foam insulation that creates a seamless, insulation air barrier to improve the energy efficiency, comfort and durability of homes and buildings. When formulated with DuPont Formacel 1100, a next generation foam expansion agent, the system helps meet the long-term needs of polyurethane foam customers for non-flammable, high efficiency, low global warming potential (GWP) solutions. SPRAYTITE technology improves air leakage control, insulation performance, indoor environment, moisture resistance and structural strength.  SPRAYTITE insulation material is accepted by all major building codes, including the International Code Council. 

The in-field application was completed at a residential home near Austin, TX. The home was designed by  elev8 Builders and the spray insulation was installed by  Installed Building Products (IBP), a national insulation & spray foam contractor.

“This project demonstrates DuPont’s and BASF’s continued support for the President’s Global Climate Action Plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through the development and commercialization of low GWP solutions,” said Helen Walter-Terrinoni, DuPont Manager of Fluorochemical Foam Expansion Agents. “Formacel 1100 provides a breakthrough product in response to regulatory and sustainability demands which will not only reduce GWP, but will also improve energy efficiency; further reducing climate change impact. BASF, as a technical leader in the polyurethane foam industry, was able to design a system using Formacel 1100 that demonstrates excellent thermal properties with the same application performance as their existing, broadly used spray foam formulations.”

“BASF is meeting the needs of our customers and the industry with this next generation of a sustainable insulation solution. Our spray system with Formacel 1100 provides homeowners with an insulation that improves comfort, durability and energy efficiency,” said Michael Sievers, National Sales Manager of BASF Performance Materials – Construction. “This project demonstrates BASF’s and DuPont’s commitments to provide innovative solutions under ever-evolving demand for sustainable solutions that meet the need for low GWP products.”

“IBP is pleased to partner with BASF and DuPont for this excellent opportunity to showcase a new BASF technology in spray polyurethane foam,” said Jeff Hire, President of External Affairs for IBP “The SPRAYTITE material provides in field product attributes valued by major insulation contractors like IBP."