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March 1, 2021

PODCAST: US BDO struggles amid myriad supply constraints

Author: Antoinette Smith


HOUSTON (ICIS)—Although US butanediol (BDO) plants in Louisiana and Ohio were not mechanically affected by the winter storm that idled most chemical production in the US Gulf, feedstock availability could curtail production.

No issues were reported for BASF and Ashland BDO production as a result of the arctic blast.

But the storm caused LyondellBasell to declare force majeure for feedstock propylene oxide (PO) and derivatives – including BDO – produced at its Texas site, further tightening North American supply.

In addition, the market has only recently begun to feel the effects of the late-2020 closure of the Lycra (Shandong Ruyi) BDO plant in Texas.

BDO expert Antoinette Smith discusses this and more in the following  podcast interview by Anna Matherne and Alex Snodgrass.


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