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Chinese CASE Polyol Market Overview

China CASE Polyols Consumption Raised by Waterproof Industry Adjustment
2016-05-31    [Source:PUdaily]

PUdaily, Shanghai- Consumption of CASE Polyols has risen by the structure adjustment of waterproof industry because the proportion of waterproof polyurethane coating increases, which is synthesized by CASE polyols and other raw materials. Consumption of CASE polyols in 2015 is 264 kt, up by 22.8% year on year and it is expected that China CASE polyols consumption will continue hiking robustly in the future.

Waterproof polyurethane coating is one of new waterproof material and it is synthesized by isocyanate, polyols (mainly CASE polyols) and other raw materials. It has wide development space due to its good elasticity and ductility and it has great adhesiveness and can be used on any kinds of primary surface. Waterproof polyurethane coating can overcome the lack of bituminous waterproof coating and waterproof materials.

Chinese government pushes up the reformation of waterproof industry by encouraging new waterproof material. According to statistics, China has about 3,500 waterproof companies, and the waterproof market competition is not standardized.

At the same time, waterproof materials industry is driven by real estate development, infrastructure construction, renovation of buildings and other related industries. Real estate market continues hiking in January to April 2016, the national real estate development investment increases by 7.2% year on year and Chinese real estate construction area increases by 5.8% year on year. It can be seen from the figure that China's real estate construction area in 2008-2015 increases year by year. The national railway construction investment is amounted to RMB 72.7 billion in Q1 2016, up by 2.1% year on year.

Waterproof material is a very important construction material, which applies from industrial and civil fields to tunnels, bridges, water conservancy, transportations and so on. Chinese major waterproof materials suppliers are Oriental Yuhong, Yuwang Group, Joaboa Technology and Hongyuan Waterproof and CASE polyols major supplier is Bluestar Dongda.

Editor: Andrew Na