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Chinese Epoxy Resin Update

Epoxy resin continues to rise

Echemi 2021-07-13

It was predicted last week that the price of LER this week would fluctuate between 28,500-29,000 yuan/ton (in barrels), unfortunately, it was said again. As of the afternoon, a factory in South China has already quoted a price of 29,000 yuan/ton (in barrels). Before get off work today, luxury brands increased by 500 yuan/ton before get off work last Friday, and again increased by 500 yuan/ton within two days. The price is adjusted up to 1,000 yuan/ton. Even if the increase is relatively large, the notification still adopts the strategy of receiving orders in batches in limited quantities. The reluctance to sell is obvious and obvious.

Coincidentally, today another large factory in Jiangsu also increased by 1,000 yuan/ton, but due to its low original price base, it did not cause a large response from the market, and some factories today have an increase of 200-300 yuan/ton, which is also a wave of waves. Not surprising-recent increases are commonplace, not surprising.

Today, the double raw materials have risen by 300/600 yuan/ton respectively, ECH reported at 14,500, BPA reported at 22500, due to lack of stock, resin adjustments and adjustments are indeed taking advantage of the trend.

ECH still has factories to stop production, and stocks are limited; BPA is reported to have delayed import shipments to Hong Kong, Nantong Xingchen’s suspension of production for a week, and the restart of Miki’s headquarters epoxy plant and Shandong plant, supply and demand fluctuate, increasing tension.

Xingchen BPA device has a design capacity of 150,000 tons/year, and the actual output can reach 175,000/ton. Based on the daily output of 530 tons, the loss of output in 7 days is 3,700 tons, which is worse for the already tight market in July. Next in the country are: Changchun Chemical (Jiangsu) 135,000 tons of two sets (270,000 tons) of equipment will be shut down for 45 days from mid-September; Nanya Ningbo Plant’s 150,000 tons of equipment will be shut down for one month from mid-October; Nantong Xingchen Starting from the beginning of October, the 150,000-ton plant has been shut down fora three-week maintenance plan, and the domestic BPA is seriously out of stock.

Changchun Chemical may reduce market supply in the next August to prepare sufficient inventory for its own use and delivery contract plans during the subsequent maintenance period, and the new Miki Shandong device will be unveiled in the second half of this month, and the contradiction between BPA supply and demand will be particularly prominent.

Calculated based on today’s dual raw material cost, LER’s manufacturing cost has been nearly 26,000 yuan/ton. Considering that the factory has received low prices and unpaid orders, the current selling price can only be regarded as a small profit. If double raw materials, especially BPA, continue to climb this week, after the resin factory receives full orders, the market price will return to the letter 3, which is a problem that everyone does not want to see but has to face.