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August 4, 2022

Epoxy in August Cautiously Optimistic

ECHEMI 2022-08-01

In July, the liquid epoxy resin went down all the way. The highest average price in the month was 22,000 yuan/ton, and the lowest average price was 17,800 yuan/ton, a drop of 19.09%; from January to July, the highest average price during the period was 29,300 yuan/ton, and the lowest average price was 29,300 yuan/ton. The price was 17,800 yuan/ton, a drop of 39.25%.

As of the weekend (7.29), the market price of liquid epoxy resin continued to fluctuate within a week, with limited news changes. This was mainly due to limited price fluctuations at the cost side of resins, few offers from resin manufacturers to discuss one by one, and a small amount of downstream just needed replenishment. Most of the merchants focus on stable prices, and the trading atmosphere in the market is sluggish, and it is difficult to increase the volume of real orders.

Market outlook forecast: It is expected that the epoxy resin market price will remain weak and fluctuated in the short term, and pay close attention to the trend of upstream dual raw materials and changes in downstream wind power and electronics demand.

Wind power is the ballast stone of the epoxy market, and wind power is expensive. This year, the state’s requirement for wind power installed capacity is to exceed 55GW. However, in the first half of the year, the actual installation volume was only 14.5GW, which was more than half of the time, and the installation progress did not exceed half of the time. Therefore, after August, it will gradually enter the peak installation period, and the demand for resin for blades should increase.

The 40.5GW wind power blades to be installed in the second half of the year will theoretically consume 172,200 tons of liquid epoxy, which will be allocated to 5 months, and 34,400 tons per month. However, judging from the current situation, wind power companies have not yet accelerated their actions, and the curing agent/diluent supporting the blades has no signs of recovery. Therefore, the pulling effect of wind power in August may be limited, and it is hoped that the wind power will be installed in September and October set off a climax.

Electronic appliances are estimated to be out of play. Last year, due to the global epidemic, online classes and home office overdrafts consumed a huge amount of electronic products such as tablet computers, TVs, etc., which greatly stimulated the demand for epoxy resins for electronic products. Although consumer electronics are updated quickly, they also have a certain life cycle. The market capacity that was saturated last year cannot be replicated this year. Due to the decline of the market, the demand for electronic resins has also declined this year. We can only see if the traditional gold, nine silver and ten consumption seasons can bring some hope.

On July 28, a meeting of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee was held, which is second only to the Central Economic Work Conference. In the middle of the year, it connects the previous and the next, analyzes and studies the current economic situation, and deploys the economic work in the second half of the year.

At present, the internal and external environment is more complex and severe. The epidemic and economic recovery have reached a critical point. The economy and capital market have also reached a new crossroads.

Regarding the economic growth target, the meeting pointed out that “the economy must be stabilized”, “maintain the economic operation within a reasonable range, and strive to achieve the best results”, “the major economic provinces must bravely take the lead, and the qualified provinces must strive to achieve the expected economic and social development goals. “.

This is a relatively new statement. The current international and domestic environment is complex, and the global economy is facing high uncertainty. The International Monetary Fund has just lowered its growth forecast for major global economies again.

In the second quarter of the country, major cities were affected by the epidemic. In the first half of the year, GDP achieved 2.5%. It will be very difficult to achieve the annual target of 5.5% at the beginning of the year.

The draft did not mention the specific numerical target of 5.5, which means that the annual growth target of around 5.5% is not a rigid requirement, but the meeting called for ensuring that the economy operates within a reasonable range.

With flood irrigation, the requirement of 5.5 can be fulfilled under a substantial stimulus, but on July 19, the Prime Minister just said that macroeconomic policies should be drip irrigation accurately, and that super-large-scale stimulus measures, excess currency issuance, and future advances will not be introduced in order to achieve excessive growth goals.

It is also a good thing not to mention the rigid requirements of numbers, which means that the upper levels are more objective and realistic, no longer simply pursuing numbers, and appropriately lowering expectations, which is conducive to the adjustment of my country’s economic structure and the healthy and stable development of the medium and long-term economy.

After reading the draft, it is not advisable to be overly optimistic about the economy, stock market and property market in the second half of the year. Under the condition of ensuring price stability in the second half of the year and the completion of the employment target, in the end, the economic growth rate will be slower, as long as it is acceptable within a reasonable range.

Therefore, under the premise that the national economic growth rate is slowing down, our hopes for epoxy resin in August should not be too optimistic.


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