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Chinese Epoxy Update

Epoxy resin is rising by RMB 6,700/ton! The domestic and international market may fall into the “two heavens of ice and fire”?

Echemi 2021-06-08

Judging from the list of commodity price rises and falls last week, there were only 4 products in the plasticization sector that rose month-on-month. The top 3 products were nitrile rubber (1.28%), PP fiber (0.77%), and PA6 (0.68%). .

The month-on-month decline in products reached 12, and the top 3 products were EVA (-3.91%), HIPS (-3.71%), and styrene-butadiene rubber (-3.34%).

It can be seen that the country’s regulation has been quite effective, and the domestic chemical raw materials are still mainly falling, but in contrast, overseas, the voices of price increases are still one after another! Sending out four or five price increase letters at a time is commonplace! The domestic and international market may fall into the “two heavens of ice and fire”?

Centralized suspension of production for 15 days,
Epoxy resin is rising by RMB 6,700/ton!

Recently, news came from the Huangshan area of Anhui that the Shexian Circular Economy Park will stop steam supply for annual maintenance at 10 am on June 7, 2021, and the furnace is expected to be shut down for about 15 days. Local epoxy resin companies remind customers that if they need to stock up, they can stock up in time.

The epoxy resin industry has been ups and downs since the beginning of this year. The supply of epoxy resins has been very unstable due to multiple factors such as environmental protection suspension and production restrictions, steam suspension, and annual maintenance. For 10 days, the furnace has been shut down for nearly half a month, which is expected to have an impact on the supply of products, or a reversal signal of the market since the epoxy resin peaked and plummeted in late April.

In foreign countries, epoxy resin has been the first to increase. Mitsubishi Chemical announced that it will increase the prices of epoxy resins and epoxy curing agents from June 1, including:
The increase of bisphenol A type/F type epoxy resin is 100 yen/kg (about 5822 yuan/ton),
The epoxy resin thinner series is 47~93 yen/kg (about 2736-5414 yuan/ton),
Special epoxy resin is 18-19 yen/kg (about 1048-1106 yuan/ton),
The epoxy resin hardener is 73-115 yen/kg (approximately 4249-6695 yuan/ton).