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Chinese Propylene Oxide Overview

With 600,000 Tons of Additional PO Capacity Coming Online in 2021, by 2023 China’s Total PO Capacity to Reach 7.95 Million Tons Per Year 2021-09-13    [Source:PUdaily] share:

 PUdaily,Shanghai —

CompanyProduction processAnnual capacity (in 10kt)On-stream date
Yangnong ChemicalHPPO402023
Jiangsu Bluestar Green New MaterialHPPO40With construction completed, the plant has yet to come online.
Jiangsu Sanmu GroupHPPO302022
Qixiang Tengda ChemicalHPPO302022
Shandong Jincheng Petrochemical GroupHPPO302022
Ningbo ZRCC Lyondell Chemical (Phase II project)PO/SM30At the end of this year or in the first quarter of 2022.
Shell (Phase II project)PO/SM30April 2021
Wanhua ChemicalPO/SM30Q4, 2021
Zhejiang Petroleum&Chemical IndustryPO/SM202022
Fujian Gulei PetrochemicalHPPO202021
Jiangsu Fuqiang New MaterialHPPO10May 2021
Tianjin Bohai Chemical IndustryPO/SM202021
Sinochem Quanzhou PetrochemicalPO/SM20March 2021
Taixing Yida ChemicalHPPO152021
Taixing Yida Chemical (Phase II project)HPPO152022
Shandong Minxiang Chemical TechnologyHPPO152022
Tianjin No. 3 Petrochemical PlantCHP process152022
CITIC Guoan Chemical CompanyPO/SM8With construction completed, the plant has yet to come online.
Total capacityCapacity put into production: 600,000 tons per year Proposed capacity: 3.98 million tons per year

In 2020, the domestic production capacity for PO reached 3.37 million tons per year. In the year, some PO plants using chlorohydrination process were closed, while there were also new CHP plants such as Hongbaoli’s being put into operation. So far this year, 600,000 tons of PO capacity has been added to existing capacity, including Sinochem Quanzhou Petrochemical’s 200k t/a PO/SM plant, which was put into operation in March; CNOOC and Shell Nanhai Private Limited’s 300k t/a Phase II PO/SM plant, which came online in April; and Jiangsu Fuqiang New Material’s 100k t/a HPPO facility, which entered service in May.

According to PUdaily, PO projects under construction and proposed for the 2021-2023 period have a total capacity of 3.98 million tons per year, indicating that the domestic PO capacity is expected to reach 7.95 million tons per year by 2023. The table lists PO projects completed, under construction and proposed for the 2021-2023 period for your reference. Given the uncertainties over policies, environmental regulation, access to capital, production technology and product quality, the actual come-onstream dates are subject to change.