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Chinese PTMEG Update

China PTMEG Market Outlook
2017-03-13    [Source:PUdaily]

PUdaily, Shanghai-Polytetrahydrofuran, also called PTMEG, can be viewed as a polymer of tetrahydrofuran. It is also a starting material for thermoplastic polyurethane, thermoplastic polyesters, polyetheramide, cast polyurethane elastomers, etc.

The product is commercially available as polymers of low average molecular weights, between 250 and 3000 daltons. P1000 and P2000 are the PTMEG in common use. P1000, with a molecular weight of 950-1000, can be reacted with TDI to make rubber characterized by wear resistance, oil resistance, excellent low temperature performance and high resilience. Such rubber is widely applied to the production of tire, synthetic leather, dashboard, decorating material as well as cable. P1000, also, can be reacted with DMT and BDO to make cast polyurethane elastomers for serpentuator, conveyer belt, pressure spring and hose. P2000, with a molecular weight of 1900-2100, can be reacted with MDI to make spandex. As best elastic fiber, spandex is extensively applied in the spinning industry for its properties of wear resistance, hydrolysis resistance, erosion resistance and high resilience.

Depending upon PUdaily data, China PTMEG consumption structure is diverse from that of the world. In China, consumption is gathered in spandex fiber, TPU, and PU resin. Thanks to the investment boom, domestic market witnesses an upsurge, especially dry-process spandex, boosting the demand for PTMEG. As such, spandex dominates PTMEG downstream consumption. In 2016, spandex remains the field consuming PTMEG foremost, occupying 88.33% of total. Notwithstanding the slumping prices of raw materials, spandex moves down amid releasing capacity, so that the profit space is shrinking. 

PTMEG market suffers the oversupply in recent years, though. Additional capacity keeps releasing. The industry is experiencing restructure plus adjustment between supply and demand. Keep track of key market developments with 2016 China BDO PTMEG-Spandex Industry Chain Yearly Report.

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