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Getzner Receives US-A-Biz Award Trendsetter Nomination

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Charlotte, NC, February 18, 2017 –(– Getzner USA, headquartered in Charlotte, N.C., and a subsidiary of Getzner Werkstoffe, located in Austria, was nominated by the Austrian Trade Commission Los Angeles/ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA for the US-A-Biz Award Trendsetter category. The organization issues these awards each year for excellent performance of Austrian companies in the U.S. market. Getzner Werkstoffe founded the U.S. subsidiary three years ago, and in a short time has worked with U.S. partners to create ingenious gasket solutions in the automotive, electronic, medical and optical fields with its polyurethane materials.

Thanks to Getzner’s Sylodyn® GC series and decades of technical expertise, PGC, a manufacturer of gaskets, seals, O-rings, adhesives and related products, developed the first-ever truly closed-cell polyurethane gasket in 2013. Prior to this union, Getzner had only utilized its materials for vibration mitigation in the railway, construction, industrial and acoustic industries. Closed-cell translates to unmatched durability, adhesion and strength. And, unlike silicone foam, it’s PSA-friendly and a more economical solution. By offering uncompromised resistance against the elements as well as chemicals, it significantly lessens the need for replacement. The gasket invention opened a new set of possibilities for the gasket designers for uses such as armored windows, optics housings, portable electronics cases and shock-resistant battery packs.

Most recently, PGC and Getzner were called upon by a leader in medical device innovation to design a battery cover seal for a critical device that works to pump a variety of fluids through the body. This type of union of material providers and manufacturers is critical to keeping up with the demands of advanced medical technology, and ultimately helps healthcare professionals and providers ensure safety, enhance patient outcomes, and improve the total cost of care.

Once the usage of Getzner’s material for gaskets was proven, the company joined with another strategic partner, Unique Fabricating, to enter the North American automotive business. Unique Fabricating, founded in 1975, supports multiple original equipment manufacturers, and their one tier suppliers with non-metallic die-cut parts delivering solutions for acoustic, air/water sealing and BSR applications. Getzner’s gasket material has provided Unique Fabricating application solutions (e.g., headlights, tail lights, sunroofs) that require less material, are lower cost and anti-fogging, leading to better fuel economy, cost efficiencies and increased safety.

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About Getzner

Getzner USA, headquartered in Charlotte, N.C., is a subsidiary of Getzner Werkstoffe, which is located in Austria. The expert in manufacturing elastic solutions for various applications in the railway, construction, industrial and acoustic business, Getzner has 45 years of experience designing polyurethanes to last and perform at the highest level. Getzner’s material has versatility in usage as it could serve as a vibration mitigation material, an elastic component to improve the service life of bedded components and minimize the need for maintenance and repairs on tracks, vehicles, structures and machines, or as a functional component such as a gasket. The material is available in two cellular polyurethane versions in multiple densities – Sylomer® (open cell) and Sylodyn® (closed cell), as well as in a high damping version – Sylodamp®. By reducing noise and vibrations, Getzner is making a valuable contribution towards enhancing the quality of individuals’ living and working conditions.

Getzner Receives US-A-Biz Award Trendsetter Nomination