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May 20, 2022

Covestro opens Barcelona production line for engineering prepolymer range

by Rob Coker

19 May 2022


Covestro has launched the production of Desmodur 15 prepolymers at its Spanish site in Barcelona. The company is thus addressing a growing demand for high-performance elastomers for a broader range of demanding applications.ExpandCovestro opens Barcelona production line for engineering prepolymer range


Covestro opens Barcelona production line for engineering prepolymer range

COVESTRO, inauguración planta en Barcelona

Combining highly mechanical characteristics with dynamic load-bearing capacity, elastomers based on Desmodur 15 prepolymers are considered among the most powerful and easy to process cast polyurethanes in the market. 

Philip Bahke, Head of Operations at Covestro Elastomers, said: “With this strategic investment, Covestro aims to further enlarge the capacity and improve the reliability of its global supply of Desmodur 15-based products.”

Covestro’s Barcelona site has been operating entirely on renewable energy since the beginning of 2022 as part of the company’s ambition to reduce its environmental impact while offering access to specialty products.

The new production unit for Desmodur 15 prepolymers in Barcelona runs parallel to the ongoing expansion of Covestro’s naphthylene diisocyanate (NDI) capacities in the Asia-Pacific region. 

Through such investments, Covestro aims to support the demand for ultra-high-performance elastomers used for superior applications in, for example, the materials handling industry and a growing number of engineering applications.