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Covestro Force Majeure Update

Status of Covestro Germany Force Majeure Situation
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November 18, 2016
Status of Force Majeure situation

Dear valued customer,

With this letter we wish to inform you about the status of our Force Majeure situation.

Although the availability constraints of nitric acid have been reduced in the meantime, they still impact our ability to produce the allocated products. Therefore, the Force Majeure declared by Covestro on October 6th and extended on October 14th is still ongoing and we need to continue the allocation of products concerned. In addition, we would like to inform you that according to the information we currently have, the timeline for the re-start of our supplier’s nitric acid plant is on track and re-commissioning is expected for the week of December 11th. Hence, we are optimistic to be able to supply you with regular volumes for all currently allocated products as of January 2017.

We will contact you soon to start discussing January & Quarter deals. As mentioned, any such deal is subject to a successful restart of the nitric acid plant of our supplier and our full EMEA MDI/TDI network.

In case of questions, please contact your respective sales contact person.