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Dow Polyurethane Technology Delivers ‘Cool Sleep’ Effect for Consumers

New Enhanced Product Brings Better, More Restful Sleep to Consumers in North America

MIDLAND, MI – November 4, 2015 – A whopping 43 percent of Americans admit they do not feel their best due to lack of sleep.1 The proper sleep environment, including correct temperature, is critical for a good night’s sleep. An enhanced high air flow solution from The Dow Chemical Company’s (NYSE: DOW) Polyurethanes business unit allows consumers to achieve a cooler sleep temperature. The combination of Dow’s new high airflow isocyanate and a specific polyol, results in a molecular design with superior airflow through the foam cells. This helps consumers achieve a better night’s rest, and further demonstrates how chemistry brings value to society.


“Actually falling asleep can be a bigger obstacle than having the time to get a solid seven to nine hours of sleep,” said Chris Chrisafides, commercial vice president, Dow Polyurethanes. “This new product reinforces our commitment to address societal challenges with the power of material science and innovation to improve the overall well-being of consumers.”

This latest innovation from Dow Polyurethanes, PAPI™ 23 High Airflow Isocyanate is a superior performing MDI for use in high-end viscoelastic foams for the bedding industry. PAPI 23 High Airflow Isocyanate has high o,p' content providing excellent processing, and enhanced foam physical properties when combined with Dow‘s VORANOL™ 3140 Polyether Polyol.