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Economic Everchem Polyurethane Catalysts

These catalysts are used in a variety of polyurethane markes, including flexible foams, rigid foams, and isocyanurate foams.

Amine Catalysts

EverchemHuntsman (Jeffcat)Evonik (Dabco)Momentive (Niax)Description
DTPMDETAPolycat 5C-5Pentamethyldiethylenetriamine
L20MTD-20R-8020C-802020% TEDA in DMEA
TEDADabco CrystalTriethlenediamine (TEDA)
L-33TD-33A33LVA-3333% TEDA in DPG
TFDabco 8154Delayed Action L-33
L25BDabco S2525% TEDA in BDO
L33EDabco EG33% TEDA in EG
RX5Z-110Dabco TN,N dimethylaminoethyl N, methyl ethanolamine
ETSZF-20BL-19A-99Bis(dimethylaminoethyl)ether (BDMAE)
ETZF-22BL-11A-170% ZF-20 in DPG
*ZF-24BL-13A-13323% ZF-20 in DPG
*ZF-26BL-16C-20511% ZF-20 in DPG
*ZF-53BLVBL11/33LV Blend
ETFZF-54BL-17A-107Delayed Action ET
DM70Dabco 2040DMI (1,2-dimethylimidazole) in 30% DEG

Tin Catalysts & Metal Salts

EverchemGulbrandsenEvonikFoamrez (Galata)Description
DBTDLT-Cat 120T12, K19Dibutyltindilaurate
Stannous OctoateT-Cat 110T9, K29Stannous Octoate
5001Potassium Octoate in 15% DEG
5004Potassium Acetate in 10% DEG

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