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Fallout from Indorama Fire

Indorama Force Majeure Notice . April 28th, 2021

In Pricing by PattyHMay 4, 2021

Dear Valued Customer:

Late last week we experienced a small fire at our manufacturing facility in Port Neches,
TX (the “Site”). While we are very fortunate to have contained the fire and experienced zero
personal injuries, we are forced to shut down a portion of our manufacturing facilities at the
Site. This shut down prevents us from performing as required under various manufacturing
and supply contracts. As a result, Indorama declares Force Majeure under all contracts
requiring Indorama to manufacture, supply or otherwise deliver:

(iii) METHYL TERTIARY BUTYL ETHER – MTBE (collectively, “Products”).

This Force Majeure is effective as of April 28, 2021 at 10:50 p.m. Because the impact
of the fire is still unfolding, we are unable to estimate the duration or the impact of this Force
Majeure declaration. We will strive to promptly update you of all material developments as
soon as they occur and will notify you of any allocation impacting the manufacture, supply or
delivery of Products to you for the remainder of April into May, or longer, as applicable.
We expect to start up and resume operations as soon as reasonably practical, consistent
with our commitment to the safety of our employees and the communities in which we operate.