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Recticel acknowledges the approval by the FSMA of the prospectus of Greiner

Occasional information, Brussels, 06/10/2021 — 19:27 CET, 06.10.2021

The Board of Directors has received notice from the FSMA that it has approved the prospectus of Greiner AG in relation to its unsolicited voluntary public takeover bid on the outstanding shares of Recticel for EUR 13.50 per share in cash.

Recticel remains of the view that the bid of Greiner does not address the position and legitimate interests of all stakeholders, and in addition substantially undervalues the company. The Board of Directors has commissioned a fairness opinion with KBC Securities NV and meanwhile has received a fairness opinion letter of KBC Securities NV stating its opinion that the announced bid price of EUR 13.50 per share offered by Greiner under the voluntary tender offer is not fair to the shareholders of the Company from a financial point of view.

Recticel continues to actively review its strategic alternatives taking into account the interest of all stakeholders.

The Board of Directors of Recticel will review the approved prospectus and react with a response memorandum within the appropriate time frame.