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Force Majeure

August 13, 2021

Re: Notice of Force Majeure for Dow Propylene Oxide


The purpose of this letter is to advise you that, due to circumstances beyond the reasonable control of The Dow Chemical Company (“Dow”), Dow is unable to supply you with the quantities of Propylene Oxide as provided in the applicable sales agreement or purchase order (“Contract”). Pursuant to the terms of the applicable Contract, Dow is excused from performance during the term of this Force Majeure event.

Dow has been informed by one of its upstream raw material suppliers that that supplier has experienced an unplanned event impacting its ability to supply key raw materials to Dow’s Operations.

Dow is using all commercially reasonable means to address this situation and hopes to be in a position to resume Propylene Oxide supply soon.

Dow will allocate available product in a manner that is fair and reasonable. Your allocation volume will be communicated to you by your account manager as soon as possible.

Dow regrets this situation and thanks you for your continued patience during this difficult period. We intend to keep you informed as new information becomes available.