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Former Foamex Eddystone, PA Site

For you nostalgia fans . . .

From what we found out, a company purchased the site for $15 MM USD last year (Foamex/FXI initially sold it to a metal recycling company for $13 MM in 2010).  This new entity has plans to build on the site.  The demolishment is ongoing.  Reinhart did a little more research.  The enclosed pdf file is what, at this point in time, appears to be the proposed future plans regarding this former foam plant.  The big question about this “Eddystone” development is, we do not believe there is another road in/out of that place other than the front gate.  This goes right by Penn Terminals then up to Rte 291.  The Railroad tracks run parallel with Rte 291 all the way up past the airport and there is no other way under the tracks to the best of our knowledge.  With all the potential new truck traffic, that one way out/in could become a bottleneck.   

This is what the sight looks like as of last Friday:

Plant 1 Picture: Back and to the left is where the guard house/front gate used to be.  The front, left corner of the plant building was directly in front of me.  The silos in the far distance are at the end of the building. 

Plant 2 Picture:  I am in a similar position as above but looking towards the right.  The far outside rear edge of the plant building is in the distance with the river and New Jersey past that.

R&D Bldg 2:   Basically I am a similar position as above but looking to the left.  The R&D building, which was across the street, is completely gone. 

There is nothing left I could recognize except for the remains of the rail siding tracks.  Difficult to believe that at one time this sight had: 3 foam pouring machines, multiple foam felting operations, Baumer loops, multiple foam reticulation operations, foam peeling operations, flame lamination operations, multiple pilot scale foam machines, full QC lab & operations, engineering, 27 person R&D group, etc.

Courtesy of Glenn DePhillipo RS & M Technologies