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Huafon to Expand

Huafon Spandex Chairman:Chongqing Huafon Intends to Expand Production Capacity

2015-03-11    [Source:PUdaily]

PUdaily Shanghai-You Xiaoping, a representative on the National People's Congress and the chairman of Zhejiang Huafon Spandex Co., Ltd (002064.SZ), told a Chinese news agency that Chongqing Haufon is going to start a 150 kt spandex project and the success of this project will depend on the innovation of spandex business and the competitiveness of the products.

"We are having a tough time and the whole market is reaching a turning point. The future direction of our company’s spandex business is to catch up with the international advanced level through innovation and industrialization production," You Xiaoping said.

“So many companies fail to survive in recent years but none of them is because of low demand. Actually, the demand barely changes while the effect of industrial agglomeration is very obvious,” You Xiaoping added.

About Huafon Spandex

Zhejiang Huafon Spandex Co., Ltd. has been specifically undertaking production, sales and technological developments of spandex since its establishment in December 1999. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Huafon Group, the largest PU producer in China at present, the company has a registered capital of 369,200,000Yuan.The Company is a key High-Tech Enterprise in national torch program, Top 10 competitive Enterprises in China’s Chemical Fiber industry, national chemical fiber industry environmental –friendly enterprise and green enterprise in Zhejiang province. Huafon spandex has already passed ISO9001 quality management system along with the ISO14001 environment authentication. Its dominant product spandex with “Qianxi” brand has been awarded with the title of “China Top Brand”.

The company has successfully appeared on the A stock market in the year 2006, whose share code is 002064, and it turns into the first listed company in China with spandex as the leading product.

The company now owns a capacity of 40,000 tons of distinguished spandex, which constitutes the largest manufacturing base among the monomer spandex plants worldwide.