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Huntsman Safety Record

Huntsman Mississauga site celebrates 42 years without injury

The Huntsman Polyurethanes facility in Mississauga, ON, Canada, which is known as the PEEL facility, recently celebrated its 42nd birthday – without a single recordable or lost-time injury. Huntsman associates and contractors have worked safely at the site since its founding in 1974, says the company. With 13 employees, the Mississauga site, which maintains a production capacity of 35 million lbs (16,000 t), manufactures insulation products for appliances and construction.

Loading terminal at the Mississauga site.

Loading terminal at the Mississauga site.

According to the company, the PEEL site currently holds one of the highest safety records in Huntsman, going 42 years without a lost time injury. “The associates at PEEL have kept the safety record intact by making safety their No. 1 priority,” said Ray Jackson, Plant Operations Manager. “When you truly have a good leadership team from the top down sending the same message on safety, it gets the results that we are all striving for,” Jackson said. “The PEEL site holds this record through continued support from these groups all cascading the same message.”