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Invista Expands European Polyol Capacity

INVISTA further expands capacity at its European polyols facility

WILMINGTON, Del. – March 2, 2017 – Additional capacity improvements are scheduled to take place in 2017 for

INVISTA’s Terate® and TERRINTM polyols manufacturing facility in Vlissingen, the Netherlands. Building on the

success of the 2016 capacity and efficiency investments, further capacity upgrades will allow INVISTA to meet the

growing demand for Terate® and TERRINTM polyols throughout Europe.

“This supplementary expansion builds upon the efficiency improvements we implemented last year at the Vlissingen

site and is triggered by the continuous flourishing demand for our polyol offerings”, said Nadine de Vries, vice president

of INVISTA Specialty Intermediates. “We continually look for opportunities to improve operations and meet our

customers’ needs. Together, these improvements better enable us to keep pace with our customers growing demand

for Terate® and Terate® HT polyols throughout Europe.”

Terate® aromatic polyester polyols allow formulation flexibility in achieving the range of physical and flammability

properties required of polyurethane and polyisocyanurate foams. Terate® HT polyols is the next generation technology

that offers further advances in burn performance, ease of processing and efficiency in rigid foam manufacture. This

comprehensive product line can be used in a variety of applications including flex-faced boardstock, metal-faced

sandwich panels, spray foam, and bunstock foam.

TERRINTM polyols are a line of cost-effective, aliphatic polyester polyols that contain a minimum of 50 percent recycled

content. TERRINTM polyols are prepared from glycols, including diethylene glycol and bio-based renewable glycerol,

and a mixture of recycled carboxylic acid-functional monomers comprising mainly adipic acid and 6-hydroxycaproic

acid (functionally equivalent to caprolactone). These versatile, aliphatic, polyester polyols can be used in applications

ranging from viscoelastic foam to spray coatings and adhesives to elastomeric resins.

In addition to its site in Vlissingen, INVISTA produces Terate® and TERRINTM polyols at its U.S. facility in Wilmington,

N.C., which serves the North and South American markets.

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