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Jiangsu Changhua Expands Polyol Capacity

Jiangsu Changhua Plans to Increase Polyols Capacity to 220Kt/year
2017-07-04    [Source:PUdaily]

PUdaily, Shanghai-Jiangsu Changhua Polyurethane Science and Technology Co. Ltd. was founded in November, 2010 and the polyether polyol equipment was formally put into production in June, 2012. Since the 5 years of the safe, stable, long, full and optimal operation, it has made high-quality polyether products with high-end equipment and has put accumulated 550,000 tons of polyether polyols on the market, getting unanimous favorable comment of the high-end customers.

In June, 2017, the company changed its name into Changhua Chemical Science and Technology Co., Ltd., and applied to enter the IPO project. After successful entry to the IPO, it would be expected to inject more capital to accelerate the development to satisfy higher requirements of the customers.

At present, Changhua Science and Technology is working on the second phase of the project, which is expected to be put into operation in October. The capacity can be increased from 120,000 tons/year to 220,000 tons/year, which will meet the larger demands of the market.

Jiangsu Changhua Polyurethane Science and Technology Co. Ltd., with an area of more than 40,000 square meters, is located in Yangzijiang chemical industrial park, Zhangjiagang city which is at the portside wharf. The company produces a series of products of various kinds of polyether polyol and polymer polyol, which are widely used in industrials such as automobiles, furniture, building materials etc. It also provides systematic solutions for various kinds of polyurethane products such as flexible foam, rigid foam, semi-rigid foam, elastomer etc.