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Constructive Views on TDI Facility Rumors in South Korea and Japan
2016-06-16    [Source:PUdaily]

PUdaily, Shanghai—With the coming of July, TDI overseas markets have been gradually stable and even quieter than before. To inspire the market, market players have spread various kinds of news mixed with rights and wrongs on overseas TDI facilities. Now, PUdaily sorts out some rumors and provide you with reliable information.

1, BASF (South Korea) TDI facility will delay reset schedule for 2 weeks?

News comes that phosgene incident, happened on May 27 at one MDI company in Yeosu, South Korea impacts the reset schedule of BASF TDI facility in local area and will cause 2 weeks’ delay. Some buyers from downstream industries, afraid of TDI price soaring again due to the unforeseeable supply shortage, are accordingly eager to purchase more TDI to replenish their storage.

However, PUdaily, after repeat confirmations from companies and insiders, believes that BASF’s TDI facility in Yeosu is currently under scheduled maintenance and it may reset as planned on June 17 since the phosgene incident has little impact on the TDI facility.

2, Hanwha TDI facility now suffers malfunction?

Rumor goes that Hanwha recently has experienced tight TDI supply in the market because of its manufacturing troubles. Added with news that phosgene incident impacts BASF’s TDI facility in Yeosu, market traders easily take it for granted that the TDI markets in South Asia, India and other areas are trapped with “double kill”.

However, PUdaily learns that TDI facility at Hanwha runs with regular operation. The reason why Hanwha has tight supply overseas is that sail schedule for July has been booked up and it sells TDI to BASF (South Korea), whose TDI facility is under maintenance. In fact, Hanwha has served as mainstay to Mitsui and BASF (German) in TDI supply after the malfunction in these 2 plants.

3, MCNS TDI facility can not be reset as planned?

TDI facility at MCNS has been off-line for about 3 months and thusly more and more news spread that it would not rest as scheduled. However, after repeat confirmations, PUdaily finds that it still has great potential for that facility’s scheduled reset since no more facility problems currently are heard at MCNS.

PUdaily concludes that TDI price soar from March is mainly supported by short supply in the whole market, which at present has not improved fundamentally yet and price increasing from TDI manufacturers also casts a plus. It can be predicted that the resets in these 2 leading TDI plants will definitely blow great waves in current quiet TDI markets.


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