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Lyondell Propylene Oxide Force Majeure

February 16, 2021
Subject: Propylene Oxide & Derivatives – Force Majeure Event

Dear Valued Customer,

We regret to inform you that our Channelview, TX and Bayport, TX facilities are being adversely impacted by the winter storm that is currently affecting much of the United States. This adverse weather event is beyond our reasonable control and we must declare a force majeure event for Propylene Oxide, Propylene-Glycols, Allyl Alcohol, Butanediol
& Derivatives, Propylene-Series Glycol Ethers and Propylene-Specialties Glycol Ethers, and Tertiary Butyl Acetate, effective immediately.

We are currently evaluating the impact of this event on our production and logistics capability. Additional information will be provided once we have assessed our ability to supply. Though the extent of the impact has not yet been fully defined, we are issuing this notification as soon as possible to ensure that you are aware of the situation. We will be contacting you regarding product availability once more details are identified.
As always, your account manager is available to address any questions or concerns you may have regarding this force majeure event. We value the trust you place in Lyondell Chemical Company as a supplier and we apologize for the inconvenience this may cause you.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.